ToDo List


  • Obtain DLT/linktype from libPCAP devs for BTBB, see here.

  • Define format for including meta-data (using PPI), see here.

  • Move Wireshark plugins to Wireshark repo.

  • Add pcap support to ubertooth tools (currently only in kismet) by moving it to libbtbb.

Basic rate / libbtbb

  • Better handling of AFH maps when trying clock values. The code currently makes the assumption that AFH is enabled but all channels are in use.

  • Detect syncword on Ubertooth for known piconets

  • Make logging configurable - possibly combine text based logging, file dumps and pcap writing in to one logging system.


  • Binary packages for both libbtbb and ubertooth - rpm, deb, others?

  • More frequent releases - requires better testing of code in git and separation of half-implemented features. This is more about process than an actionable todo item.

  • DONE: Add uninstall to Makefile.

  • Add WICD headers to support windows users (requires switch to libusbx).


  • Finish migration to libbtbb.

  • Add BTLE support.

  • General performance improvements (there must be some!).

Bigger / more vague projects