Ubertooth Two Wishlist

At some point the supply of CC2400 ICs will dry up and we will need to design and build a replacement for Ubertooth. The design goals are the same as Ubertooth One, but it would be nice to add some additional features if we can. This page is for a wishlist of features.

MCU candidates:

  • STM32F2

  • LPCxxxx (Which? 18xx? 43xx? 17xx?)

RF candidates:

  • ADF7242

  • CC2541

  • TRC104 - Fixed FSK deviation - unsuitable for BLE

  • Amiccom A7137 - Not easy to source


  • Improved MCU

    • USB peripheral with 512 byte bulk endpoints

    • AES peripheral - ITAR may be an issue

Note: LPC185x, LPC183x, and LPC182x MCUs have a high speed USB peripheral capable of 512 byte bulk endpoints. Reference: LPC18xx User Manual (UM10430 (PDF)) Chapter 22 Section 22.4.5, PDF page 520.

Room for an SD expansion - preferably using an MCU with SDIO.

Lots of randomly blinking LEDs.

  • a more sophisticated transceiver capable of handling EDR payloads